The Making of a Quaker Art Gallery - 2

What to do?

We fumed. We raged. We wrung our hands. We tried to Mind the Light, while sweating in the closed room enveloped in the humid Wisconsin summer.

Then we got down to work. All right, no more complaining: if this was the space we had, then by golly we would make a gallery out of it!

After some brainstorming, we decided to cover most of the bare walls with oversized butcher paper, white on some walls, black on one other. We cleaned and swept the place. We pestered the conference staff constantly about getting the air conditioning fixed. And in a total act of faith, we announced that our opening party would be held, on schedule, on the opening First Day of the Gathering.

Chuck Fager & Lynne heritage

FQA Clerk Chuck Fager and skilled crafter Lynne Heritage struggle to attach the butcher paper to the wall.

Minnie Jane

Minnie Jane, FQA's Founding Clerk, lines up a section.

Margo Gulati

FQA Board member Margo Gulati surveys the ongoing transformation.

Sliced lemons

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